Welcome to my Geek-Free blog

As I’ve already posted on Facebook, I’m starting this blog for technical computer related questions anyone might have.  Just ping me at markus.randel@gmail.com with your question, and I’ll jaunt up an answer for you and post it here.  I’ll try to add links in FB for friends too.

I’ll make every attempt to use language and approaches that speak to the average user.  If I need to get technical, I’ll give a Warning: Geek Speak before going into it.

Thanks to everyone that participates in this and I hope I can help some folks with the experience I’ve gained over the years.

Addendum: if Joseph Allen Randel (Joseph Randel) or Mary Lucia Randel (Lucia Randel) stumble across this site, PLEASE post a comment or question.  I’ll be notified immediately.  I’ll respond as soon as possible.

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