I originally created this blog to answer computer related questions I frequently get.  I’ve left those posts up, and will continue to answer questions.  But, I’ve added a new category called “The Kids”.  This is a series of letters I’m writing to my children.  I haven’t seen them since 2006 due to a very messy separation with their mother which left her vindictive.  Their names are Joseph Allen Randel and Mary Lucia Randel.  They live in Polk County, TX.

I hope they will try to find me one day.  So letters posted out on the web should be a good way for them to do a name search and find me.

Have a great day!



3 Responses to About

  1. lucy says:

    I recently came across your blog and got pretty caught up in your trials and tribulations regarding your children. My sympathies to you.. The last letter that I read was posted in October, 2014. I am hoping that all is well with you and that your search for contact with your children has been successful. I read that you were having some health issues and am also hoping that you have had treatment and that you are doing much better. Please keep your spirits up and remain optimistic.

    Would like to hear how you are progressing.

    • Mark says:

      I had a CT scan yesterday and am still waiting for the findings. I’m also battling a few other health issues, but continue on every day. I need to be strong for my children even if I don’t get to see them. It’s important that their father is out there waiting to see them.

    • Mark says:

      I’ve been thinking long and hard. Is it possible that I might know you?

      I try to keep my letters positive, so I don’t post everything in my life. I know where the children are, and frequently want to see them. Last weekend, I could have gone to mass in their town and likely see them. The only reason I don’t is to prevent a disruption in their life. Their mother is quite paranoid and possessive. The last time I tried finding them, she took them all underground. When I attempted visitation, I was told they are afraid of me. My only option now is wait for them to seek me out. That is why I made my blog. All they have to do is search for my name. I’ll show up in the first page of results..

      I pray that Lucia is giving Mary hell. She was rambunctious at 5. I can only imagine how opinionated she is now at 13… starting puberty and rebelling against everything. I secretly watched her playing kickball at school one day. Her golden hair flew behind her as she rounded the bases. Beautiful! My greatest desire is for her to seek me out for honest answers.

      I’m also concerned for Joseph. He was always very sensitive. I’m worried about how he’s handling puberty. I know I was a late bloomer and had a very hard time with it.

      In the end, I keep putting my letters out to them. I hold on to Christmas presents never delivered. I cry on my wife’s shoulder on bad days. I write on good days. Joseph and Lucia are always on my mind. I NEVER want them to think I abandoned them. So, I wait and write.

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