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Feel free to ask your computer related question as a comment below.  Remember, the only stupid question is the one that is never asked.

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  1. Tracey Knight Hykel says:

    Next Question: I just bought a new laptop and I need to install my Microsoft Office suite and there is only one license. How do I install it on my new pc when I already installed the license on the old pc?

  2. wilhoite's says:

    we own a laptop and our home is wireless so we can go everywhere in the home with it
    but when we want to print we have to unplug laptop and carry into room where printer is; is there a way to set up printer where we can print without hooking it up?

    printer is hp c4200 series

    please tell us how to do this in very non technical terms and thanks in advance……..

  3. Trish Bales says:

    Mark…..sister-in-law here…..thought I’d take you up on a high-tech question. I would like to have the wi fi not available to the teens in this house (especially mine) after 11 pm. How would you recommend I go about doing that?

    • Mark says:

      I have an answer for you. It’s a good question I hear a lot. I’ll write an article tonight that will tell you step by step how to accomplish this. On the five computers we have in the house, I keep strict time limits on all of them for the girls. (much to their disappointment)

  4. Gail Wilhoite says:

    hey I am no longer printing my digital photo’s. I upload them to my computer and then put them on a cd-r and then i upload to snapfish’s website and order photo’s once a year. I was told I should invest in a external hard drive and load all photo’ on to that.

    my question is what size hard drive do i get as i take lots (over 2000) of photo’s and will only use the external hard drive for photo’s. I have a laptop so is it easy as plugging it into my usb drive and downloading to the external hard drive? you know I am not technical so i need a really simple fix. if my cd’s get ruint i have no photo’s unless i order them all from snapfish and that would cost lots of $$$$$


    • Mark says:


      That’s a very good question. Dealing with big files and collections is a good article. I’ll put together an article over the next few days that should provide a solution to your questions. (I’ll shoot you a msg via Facebook when I get it posted).

  5. Shari Beck says:

    What is your latest recommendation for free virus protection?

    • Mark says:

      I still strongly stand by Microsoft’s answer in Security Essentials. The advantage is you don’t violate the license when you install it on work computer. It’s allowed. Most “free” public software is given out on the basis you won’t use it for professional uses. Microsoft bypassed that and allowed their release for 2012 to be used for personal AND professional uses. It’s light weight and not intrusive. The proof in the pudding is I’ve never had a virus on a system I’ve had under my protection to date. They all have this installed.

  6. GAIL sent me said maybe you could help. i bought an old pavilion d7 (laptop) with an ATI Radeon HD 6370 in it….and it isn’t stable. well it keeps crashing on me during my level design class. how do i fix this or upgrade my computer. and sadly no just building a new desktop isn’t an option as i don’t have a few thousand dollars

    • Mark says:

      Good question, Colin. I get this one a lot but never wrote an article. Now seems like a GREAT time to do it. I’ll get on it this morning.

  7. Gail says:

    Asking for a friend:

    Her boyfriend reads alot of books
    Which is the best ereader and whats the price
    Expected to pay

    She found a regular kindle 6 inch for 69.00
    And all he is using is for reading
    Your the expert?

    And by the way my daughter bought her ipad
    With what you said and loves it

  8. Rene Head says:

    Mark…I tried to read them all, at least to the “blog reinvention” in 2014. I cannot fathom the emptiness you have; it’s too painful to even try. I am grateful to know you more now than I did 30 years ago. 30 years!?!? You are one of my long-time friends, and I feel ashamed for not being a part of your life during that time.

    • Mark says:

      Rene, I didn’t exactly make it easy to find me for many of those years. While I was with Mary, we covered our tracks and moved frequently to prevent my “evil” family from finding us. It was quite insane. Even afterwards, I kept my whereabouts hard to find out of habit for many years. It wasn’t until I helped with my school’s reunion several years ago that I went public again. I’m just glad I was able to find you… one of my oldest and dearest friends. I can’t wait to get together with our families and hash over our wild adventures of our youth. (btw… I can’t get away with an accent any more since my wife is actually British 😉 )

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