01-02-2015 Break is Almost over

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Today is my last full day at home before heading back up to Oklahoma. I’ll be very sad to leave Michèle.  The last two weeks have been a great time to spend with her.  I know you’ll like her when you meet her. We spent a lot of our time sorting through pictures and watching movies.  She got to spend time with the girls.  She even knitted a cap for Melynda that came out pretty good. We cooked all sorts of goodies.  There’s one meal left to make. I’m not quite sure what it will be.

Speaking of sorting photo’s, I’m attaching a few more photos of Hiram.  He is very much a role model for me. It’s amazing how much your Uncle Martin resembles him. The first two photos include a young boy… Papa Gene.  The rest are various photos of Hiram’s various exploits and his flying circus.  I’m sorry I didn’t separate them out.  It was easiest to scan them in chunks.  So enjoy the flight. Lean your seat back and just feel the wind in your hair.


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