Starting again

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I finally got the call yesterday morning that I’ll be starting my new job Monday morning. It’s in San Antonio working for USAA. I’m not exactly clear what I’ll be developing and likely won’t be allowed to share any details. All I know is they want me to come up with machine learning algorithms using LabVIEW. I’m nervous as all get out.

Your uncle Martin lives near there and I’ll stay with him for a few weeks until I get the funds to find my own room. He’s as cautious as I am about this arrangement but we are both willing to get past our differences in the hopes of building something better.

I’m going to get a gym membership and try to regain my health. I also would love to find somewhere to sing again. I’m hoping that between work, exercise, meetings and singing I’ll stay busy enough to not mind being away from Michele and Rachael again.

Just know that your mom will probably be in a better mood once the child support checks start coming again.

As always, I’ll be watching for you and waiting to hear from you. I miss you both so much and think of you all the time.


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4 Responses to Starting again

  1. Chris says:

    That’s fantastic news! Congrats on the job. USAA should be an excellent company to work for.

  2. chris says:

    That’s fantastic news, congrats! USAA should be an excellent company to work for.

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