2016-03-14 Happy Pi Day

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I had a very relaxing weekend with Martin and Jen. I stayed in San Antonio to save money. Until I get my first paycheck, I’ve been having to pinch pennies. Frequently at work, leftovers from other departmental lunches are brought down to us. That sure helps. They also make sure we have what we need, so there’s always snack food and protein bars available to keep us going strong and productive.

By Friday, I was ready for a break. Saturday morning, I got up and about and took my camera with me. The weather was wonderful. I went in town for a meeting and took a few pictures to get warmed up and back in the habit. Later, I took the camera out into the hill country hoping to find some nice scenic views of nature. Instead, I found a lot of houses being built into the hills. They are literally tearing the sides off the hills to provide enough flat space for the new housing. It made me a little sad.

Sunday was better. We jumped into their truck and drove way out into the country to visit Jen’s parents. They have a big plot of land right on a creek. With all the rain we had last week, the creek was full of crystal clear water. It was just beautiful. The lot behind theirs has horses, mules, goats and what not. I got to pet a few muddy horses and filled my nose with juniper and mint. I took lots of pictures I’ll add to this post when I get home tonight (if I remember).

I looked into riding the bus home to Richardson next weekend, but Spring Break is in full swing and everything is either booked or real expensive. Michèle is thinking about coming down to stay the weekend down here. If she does, I might try to play tourist and go down to the Alamo and Riverwalk if the weather is nice.

Happy belated birthday, Joseph. You guys are growing up fast. Just one more year and you’ll officially be an adult. That means you can find me if you want. I don’t expect anything right off. At least not while you’re still living with your mom. But, I’m hoping curiosity will get the best of you one day and you’ll start your search. I’m right here and waiting. I have been for 10 years and will gladly wait another 10 years if I know one day I can have both of you in my life again. (But try not to take that long)


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