10-24-2014 Sorry for the Delay

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I must admit, I feel a little silly at times writing to you.  These letters aren’t likely going to be read until a few years from now. It’s easy for me to lose track of time and skip a day or two from lack of urgency. Also, I usually write them from my work computer during breakfast or lunch.  My work system has been out in the lab this week running some new software until the upgrade computer comes in, so I don’t have any privacy.  I lugged Papa Gene’s laptop to work so I can work in my office. Long story short… I finally have a moment to relax and write to you.

Today is Friday. I get to go home.  Michèle hasn’t been feeling well this week, so I’m looking up recipes for chicken noodle soup and onion soup.  I know they come in cans, but I’d prefer to start from scratch if I have the whole day.  I hope I can put her on the couch and queue up a whole bunch of movies.  I’ve got several episodes of Dr. Who she hasn’t seen yet.  I’ll cover her in the Magic Blankie. (Explanation to come) and serve her some comfort food.  I would do the same for either of you two if you were under the weather.

The Magic Blankie is an Indian print blanket I had while I was homeless during the winter in Iowa.  I consider it special.  I survived.  I also wrapped Papa Gene in it his last week. He never felt any pain. I leave it at the house in Richardson folded on the back of the couch.  Its amazing how much it gets used.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture of it this weekend and post it.

I’ve been busy at work this week, which is a good thing.  I was able to get test cell 5 up and running with the current version of the software.  It was a challenge considering how unique it is to the rest of the cells.  I was able to maintain the same source code. Also, I was handed a new project to write control software for a blower motor.  It is so much fun writing drivers from the ground up (frustrating too).

A lot’s been going on this week.  I haven’t gotten any feedback from the doctor yet about scheduling from my CT scan.  Hopefully, I’ll find out Monday. I’m just looking forward to a quiet weekend taking care of Michèle and cooking something wonderful.

As always, I’ll be here waiting.


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