06-18-2014 Early Morning

Dear Joseph and Lucia,
Its early in the morning and I woke thinking about you two and missing my father. Your Papa Gene was a very patient man. I came across a few photo’s of us way before I met your mother. I was working at KBTX and they were doing a news piece in Caldwell (where I lived). They gave me camera detail because it was my home.
So Mom and Dad were there. Dad was fascinated by the camera and Mom took pictures of us. (the shorts style are a bit dated)



And there is someone else you should know about. She was my best friend from Caldwell. Sherry. She lives near you if you ever want to know about what I was like as a kid, she will likely tell you stories all day long. We keep in touch and she’s watching me do this blog and supports me.

That is a picture of us at our 25 year reunion. Yes, Dad has put on some pounds. Hush


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