06/17/2014 Afternoon

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I just installed new software on my laptop that will make it easier to write to you two when the mood hits.  I might be a bit verbose for the next few days, but I’ve been putting off writing to you because it hurt so much to not have you in my daily life.

I went through a lot since I lost you from my day to day life. Maybe when you find this and ask me, I’ll tell you.  Just know that Michèle was a life-saver in my stormiest hardships. She has shared so many of my tears while I missed and worried about you both.

A wonderful story about my Papa Gene… After he was diagnosed with his brain tumor, his mind started slipping very quickly. I drove to Bryan from Oklahoma CIty every weekend just to be with him.  I’d pick up Michèle on my way through Dallas. One of the weekends he started having trouble walking so I had to walk backwards in front of him to support him when he went to the bathroom.  I’ll be darned, he started dancing with me. I was irritated and reminded him I’m the son that doesn’t dance.  When he finished with the bathroom, Michèle came in and asked if she could dance him back to his bed… and they did.  As we set him back in bed Michèle said it was her honor to dance with such a gentle man.

She loved both my parents very much and stayed by my side as much as possible in their last days. I can’t wait for you to meet her. She is a caring soul that supports me.

Here are a few more pictures of Michèle with her daughters (your new step sisters) Melynda and Rachael.  Even one of them being nut-balls with Michèle’s phone.  She was so surprised next time she turned it on and found that as a background.


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