09-15-2014 Relaxing Weekend

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

10580841_10201800963585017_5186959180325368489_oThis was a good weekend.  On Saturday night, we finally got to see our new hot tub disco light in action.  It’s solar powered and comes on automatically at dusk.  We purchased it a few months ago but haven’t been out at night when it turns on to see it.  I took a time lapsed photo that came out pretty cool looking.  Next weekend, I’ll remember to take my tripod with me to get a more stable shot.

1548164_10201800963385012_5275055116577311950_oAfter everything heated up, I served dinner pool side as we lit up the fire pit and tiki torches.  Michèle enjoyed a nice glass of wine as I brought out the home made lasagna rolls I used to make for you guys.  I’ve adjusted the recipe and it now includes Italian sausage and caramelized onions. It was delicious.  We looked like prunes by the time we finally came out of the hot tub.

10628602_10201799659752422_2537528226667071197_nMichèle had to attend a conference Sunday afternoon in Fort Worth.  I got a wonderful smile from her when I took her photograph before she left. It was sad that we had to cut our weekend short, but we enjoyed every minute we could together.

On my way home last night, I caught a really nice photograph of the sunset at a rest stop in Oklahoma. (That’s the one at the top)

I hope to share all this with you guys one day. I find it’s important to find time to slow down and relax.  It was a joy to cook a gourmet meal from scratch, but it was even better floating and nibbling on it. And as always, it’s all here waiting for you. Never be afraid to leave a comment.  I’ll get it instantly on my phone.


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