09-12-2014 Home

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

It was a very nice morning today.  It was in the 50’s.  I was curled up deep under the covers with the cat up next to me.  I didn’t want to get out of bed, but it was so refreshing to smell the air as I left the house.

It occurred to me the different smells of the seasons.  Summer is a deep smell of cut grass and humidity.  Winter is a crisp smell of things staying still.  Spring is pungent with blooming growth.  And fall is a cool smell of things slowing down.  It’s best when the change comes and the aromas are new.

Of course this means the pool needs to close and prepared for winter.  At least the spa is heated and lit, so I’m looking forward to some wonderful evenings of chilled ears and a warm bottom.

If it gets too cold for outside, the living room is a wonderful place to lounge.  There’s enough space to sit 6 people in comfy leather furniture.  The surround sound speakers work wonderfully with the high definition screen.  I love watching the blu-ray version of Star Wars at full volume.

What I’m trying to get across is our home is warm, inviting, and full of things to enjoy.  We have extra rooms for both of you if you want to come stay for a while. I’m waiting for that day.


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