09-17-2014 Another Wednesday

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

2014-07-14 13.58.25-3Hey, Kiddo’s! The picture to the left is a collection of three of my favorite ladies in my life.  On the left is your step-sister, Rachael.  Getting a picture with her actually posing nicely is a near impossibility. And if you are wondering… yes her hair is green and purple.  She’s incredibly expressive.

The beautiful woman on the right is Michèle’s youngest sister, Elizabeth.  She is very similar to Rachael in the fact that she is amazingly attractive and completely off the chain with her sense of humor.  If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see the bunny ears she’s holding over her mum’s head.

And that leads us to the centerpiece… Linda.  She’s Michèle’s mum. My Mother-in-law.  Your Step-Grandmother.  She is an amazing woman of grace and humor. I always look forward to talking to her because a laugh is pretty much guaranteed.

2014-07-12 18.00.06I took this photo at the Starbucks in the airport in Brussels in July as we were getting ready to leave. It was very moving. The whole family came in with us and stayed by our sides until the last moment. There were a lot of tears when finally had to go through security and leave them.  Vicki was there with your two cousins, Nandi and James.  Elizabeth had her son Joshua with her.  And Linda (Nana) was again in the middle with tears holding both her daughters.

The photo to the right is Michèle and her cousin Katharine after the wedding.  Katherine was a gem during the wedding and took all the photos.  I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have all these beautiful women in my life.

10171651_296014433881980_4252027516669386640_nThe last picture for today is Melynda, your oldest step-sister.  She’s currently starting her second year in college at Oklahoma University in Norman.  Michèle and I are very proud of her.  I’ll see her this weekend as I drive through on my way to Richardson Friday night. She keeps her grades high and just started a new job to cover her expenses.

So, these are the ladies in my life.  I’m blessed.  But, I’m still missing a crucial part… you two.

As always, I’ll be here waiting to hear from you guys. It will be wonderful for you to get to know all of each other.


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