11-13-2014 Memories of Moving

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Some recent events have brought to mind of a very difficult time in my youth.  When I was 15 we lived in Houston.  I was being considered for the Performing Arts School for my bassoon and writing.  I saw a future of music and creation.  Then Dad moved us to Caldwell. The band hall was a small building and they only had a plastic bassoon.  I was devastated. I grew so angry.  I remember telling God if he existed, I hated him. I was bullied by the locals in gym class. I hated my life.

In reflection, it was probably the best thing that could have happened in my life.  The people I met are still in my life.  I was good at music, but not great.  I wouldn’t have made it. I would only ever be second best and frustrated.  Instead, I learned a much better trade… numbers.

But that turmoil of adjustment was difficult.  Combining the transition of moving with puberty was a huge challenge.  I’ve never felt that much anger.  I’ve only felt that much anger once since.  That was the day your mother took you from me.

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s a really good time to reach out.  Things are getting complicated on my end.  I’ll keep sending letters.  Just know your dad misses you very much! I’ll wait for you.


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