12-12-2014 To my Daughter

Dear Lucia,

If you ever want to reach out to me, send me an email at markus.randel@live.com.  I understand if you are hesitant or scared. I was too when I started writing letters to you and Joseph.

I suspect you are reading these letters.  Don’t be afraid to explore the whole website.  There are month’s of letters for you.  There is a family waiting to take you in without question. There are presents for you under our tree. There is a step-mother with such an abundance of love.  You have a family in Europe that already love you.

I want you to question everything you’ve been told.  I have the answers to your questions. The canned answers you get from your mother don’t work. And notice how much worse I get in her opinion over time. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything. I’ll be waiting.


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