05-04-2015 A good weekend

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Let me start out by saying May the Fourth be with you. I’ve always loved the pun.

It was a very relaxing weekend. I went ahead and got down to Richardson Friday night. That gave me an extra night at home. Saturday morning, Michèle and I went to the Cottonwood Art Festival. It was a bit boring until the bands started. We sat in the shade and listened to some great music, watched people and sipped cool drinks in the breeze. It was wonderful.

Saturday night we treated ourselves to the hot tub and became prunes before we got out.

The highlight of the weekend was going to see the new Avengers movie on Sunday in IMAX 3D. It was packed. Having been raised reading the comic books, it’s really exciting to see it all come to the big screen. I was especially excited to see the Vision come to life as a new member of the team.

I drove back to OKC last night. I really didn’t want to leave. I keep hoping I’ll find a job closer to home. Until then, I’ll keep up the routine. I went to my doctor again today and he was upbeat about my progress. Your father isn’t going down without a fight. I’ve got to stay healthy for when you guys finally reach out. I’ll keep waiting and staying strong.


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