12-28-2014 Finding Hope

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I’m looking forward to today.  A former classmate of mine throws an annual “Orphans & Widows” Christmas dinner.  It’s meant for those that don’t have family to go to during the holidays.  Technically, I’m an orphan now since both my parents have passed away.

I met Farah in a philosophy class a few years ago.  She has the most eclectic group of friends.  It should be great fun. She holds this dinner every year in her tiny apartment.

I’m also happy that despite it being Sunday, I don’t have to drive up to Oklahoma today.  The plant is closed until next Monday.  That means I can enjoy the time here with Michèle and the girls.  They get back from their time with their father later today.  It was probably a tough visit for them this year.  Their grandmother and uncle both died last year.  That is who they always looked forward to seeing.

In hard times, I try to find what is good.  You two doing well in school is good.  Having a home to come to is good.  Having people that love me is good. Heck, even having a job is good.  My blessings this year are plentiful.  Please count yours.  And add to them that your father loves you completely and is waiting for you.  That’s good.


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