12-29-2014 A fun time held by all

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Michèle and I had a fun time last night at the dinner. It was a tiny apartment jam packed with books, tables, and people.  I doubt your mother would have felt very comfortable there.  The attendees were quite progressive in their opinions. There was plenty of food (except for ours).  Somehow, the vegetable tort slid off it’s tray during transport and promptly fell into the street when I opened the back. We had a backup trifle and salad. Overall, it was enjoyable for Michèle to finally meet Farrah.

I’ve also been trying to look up some laws.  If I’m not mistaken, Joseph, you have the right at your age to decide which parent you want to live with.  It’s possible you do too, Lucia.  If either of you are reading this, see what you can find at your end.  There’s room for both of you at my home.  The schools are really good and full of opportunities.  It’s in the Dallas area which would mean lots of shopping and dining locations. We have a pool and hot tub, a dog and cat, a big kitchen great for cooking, and Rachael is still living at home. So, Joseph, you can have a sister your own age. Lucia, you can have an older sister to help you out.

You know how to reach me.  Just leave a comment here.  If your mom is reading this, then just send me a direct email at markus.randel@live.com.  Heck, you can always call me at 214-317-2461.  If I don’t answer, leave a voice mail and I’ll call you right back.  And until I hear from you, I’ll be here waiting.


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