12-30-2014 About to be a new year

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Today was a very quiet day. Michèle had to work.  I enjoyed the day by making scrambled eggs and fresh baked toast.  Rachael was home so there was always entertainment from her and her expressive personality.  I made chili for tonight’s dinner.  I’m waiting for the go-ahead from Michèle that she’s on her way home before I start the cornbread.

I made reservations for our favorite restaurant tomorrow night.  It’s Afrah.  It’s Mediterranean and really good.  I love their shwarma.  The hummus is wonderful. What a wonderful way to bring in a new year.  I’m planning to get it to go so we can watch movies and nibble the night away until midnight, then fall asleep in a wonderful food coma.

I promise you, I will take care of myself so I will be here for you when you reach out.  Until then, I’ll wait.


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