01-14-2015 Michèle’s Birthday

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Today is Michèle’s birthday. I sent her a gift certificate and a dozen strawberries dipped in chocolate.

I can’t help to reflect on all the birthdays I’ve missed with you two.  The last one was when we built a rocket and a launch pad.  I still feel bad about it. I put an engine in that was way too big for the size.  We never saw it land and it was lost.  Joseph, you put so much work into building it.  I could see the tears welling up, but you held them back. That is my last memory with you. I’ve frequently visited model shops and looked at model rockets since then. I’m considering building one again and launching it on your birthday. This time, I’ll make sure I can retrieve the rocket for the next year.

Lucia, I’m sorry, but I can only remember a ton of dolls.  Sadly, I don’t plan to buy a doll collection.  I’ll have to figure out a special way to remember you on the 29th.  Maybe I’ll find a Barney collection or figure. Lord knows, I won’t do anything related to Dora. (That cartoon drove me nuts)

End result… I’m thinking about you two today and trying to figure out what to do to celebrate your birthdays in the next few weeks. Lucia, you are about to turn 14. You’re finishing Junior High. I hope drama classes are going well. Joseph… the big 16. I hope your mom got you a car. It’s time for you to have some freedom in your life.

I’m so proud of both of you.  And as always, I’ll be waiting to hear from you.  Just let me know when you are ready for the answers.


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