01-15-2015 Just another day

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

It’s Thursday.  I don’t have much to say. I’ve started blogging on my other site (livinglifebetter.wordpress.com). I figured my letters here should just be for you two.

I think about you often and wish I could be part of you lives.  At least I have Melynda and Rachael to be a father.  It’s a challenge being a step-father.  I have to rely on Michèle’s decisions on most of the big matters. It’s hard, but worth it.  Rachael finally started referring to me as her step-father. I took that as a big compliment.  Melynda has softened up too.  It’s an honor to call them my daughters.  As is the same honor to call you my children despite not being part of your lives. I only hope that these letters will find you one day and you’ll know that you two have been in my life every day.

Until you find me, I’ll be waiting… as always.


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