01-22-2015 Inventions

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

A good idea is a hard thing. Before you guys were born, I worked for Compaq Computers.  I had a lot of ideas for new inventions.  I shared them with a guy in marketing.  He kept telling me they wouldn’t work but to keep trying.

After I left the company, I noticed one of my ideas prominently on a Compaq computer. USB and audio connectors on the front of the computer.  I looked up the patent, and sure enough, it was in the marketing guys name.  For the rest of his life, he will gain royalties from anyone using that design scheme.  That was my design. I came up with it when I was constantly switching out peripherals while designing and testing new products. Ugh.

He took another… using a clear panel on the side of the computer to see the internals.  I have no idea how much money he’s made from these ideas.

All this came to mind when I saw that Microsoft has finally developed a virtual reality headset.  This is a concept I stared working on when you guys were young.  I just didn’t have the funds or technology to make it.

Frustrating. At least I have a few patents.

I’m waiting.


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