01-22-2015 Trying to find hope

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I’ve recently come across a group of people that are active in Parental Alienation. They are looking into introducing legislation at the state level to enforce visitation and shared custody.  I want to help them, but let’s just say the wind has been swept from my sails.

I’ll help them as much as I can with my stories. The pain is too much.  I miss you both so much, it is difficult for me to be reminded that you aren’t with me.  It’s even more painful to think you might be afraid of me.

nuff said.

I’m waiting for you.


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1 Response to 01-22-2015 Trying to find hope

  1. mothererased says:

    Find support where you can to stay strong. Your kids will need you to be whole when they return.

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