03-12-2015 Another Day

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I did the best I could to throw myself into work yesterday. Both of your birthdays always throw me for a loop. I would love to buy you presents and treat you to an adventure of a lifetime. But all I can do is just write you a letter you may or may not read one day.

I want to blame someone (your mother), but that wouldn’t be fair. I’m just as much to blame for our situation. I’m sure your mom has raised you well. Just please look past any derogatory statements about me.  Some might be deserved, but I still love you both and miss you horribly. I’m in a good place now. I work full time.  I pay the support for you to have a good life. I support my family here with love and finances.

It’s taken a long time for me get back to this state.  I still wrestle with the loss of you two. But I know one day you will look for me. And you’ll find these letters. I hope they mean as much to you as they do to me.

Until then, I’ll be waiting.


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1 Response to 03-12-2015 Another Day

  1. garym6059 says:

    One day your children will learn the real you and find these letters and you will get to celebrate many missed birthdays with them.

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