03-17-2015 Sorry for not writing

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I apologize for not writing to you as frequently as I have in the past. I’ve been busy with work and dealing with the events going on with Melynda and Rachael.

Work has been busy with me constructing a full re-write of the software from the ground up. It’s one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a programmer.

Melynda is a handful. Rachael is 16… acting out her pubescent tendencies. Between the two, I reflect on just how much your mom has her hands full with you two. I hope you are being good.

I really didn’t have my teenage meltdown till I was 17 in my Senior year of high school. But it happens to all of us. Getting over that hump seems impossible at the time, but afterwards, you realize it was just a small hurdle.

I wish I could be there to offer “suggestions”. Until then, I’ll wait for you.  You aren’t breaking the rules if you reach out.


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