05-06-2015 The Anniversary

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my marriage to your mother. It was a wonderful affair at a city park in downtown Austin. It was shortly planned, but plenty of people showed up from both sides. Your mother even made me cut and die my hair for the event. (Granted it was really long and black so it was an improvement)

I’m not really sure how I feel about it right now. I still hold a great deal of resentments against her for keeping you two away from me. It’s a very confusing day.

On a good note, I solved another problem at work. I’ve been working on a control loop since Monday that just won’t go on condition. A friend suggested I lie to it.  Taking that advice I put an external load that forced it away from the zero point where it oscillated. It worked. Now it’s just a matter of time to see the results from the 40 tests queued up. (Enough geek talk)

I’m still here waiting. I hope to hear from one of you soon.


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