05-18-2015 It was a nice weekend

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I had a very enjoyable weekend at home. I tried a new route out of OKC and was able to avoid a large amount of construction and traffic. Dinner with the neighbors was nice. We had boiled shrimp and lots of good jokes and stories. On Sunday, I treated the ladies to a crawfish lunch and a Mannie/Peddie. I even got one for myself.  My hands and feet have never looked so good.  I’m just disappointed Michèle wouldn’t let me get hot pink polish for my toes. About the only draw back was I strained my back at some point this weekend. Standing vertical has become a bit of a challenge. I’m sure it will wear off soon.

As a result of all the fun yesterday, I had a late start on the return trip. I didn’t pull into the house up here until 10 PM.  I’m still groggy from the trip.  I’m looking forward to the coming weekend. It’s Memorial Day which means I’ll get an extra day at home.

Rachael is done with school for the spring. She’s planning to take the summer off from classes. Her friend Ashley (one of the neighbor’s daughter) is planning to attend some classes at the local community college where Rachael attends school.

And as always, I’ll continue to commute between OKC and DFW. Summer breaks don’t exist when you’re an adult and working. So I will trudge on and keep waiting to hear from you.


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