2016-03-22 Had Fun Last weekend

2016-03-19 12.08.26

Michèle down on the walk.

Dear Joseph and Lucia,


I had fun last weekend.  Michèle drove down from Dallas and stayed in San Antonio.  She was pooped Friday night when she got in.  There was a big thunderstorm she had to drive through right as she was coming into San Antonio.

Saturday morning I got up early and got breakfast for everyone and took care of some long overdue maintenance on my car.  When everyone was up and around, Jen joined us and we went downtown to explore.  There was a festival going on at our first destination which made parking impossible so we went on to destination two… the River walk.

It was a chilly day, but it warmed up and it got progressively more populated.  By the time we finally stopped to eat in the afternoon, it was elbow-to-a$$hole thick with people.

2016-03-19 15.16.26

Dad sporting his white socks

We were hoping to get to see the Alamo, but by the time we got there the line was around the block and I had lost all patience with my fellow man.  Instead, we looked into an old hotel with some really cool shops off the lobby.  There was a cigar shop and a toy soldier shop.  I enjoyed myself quite a bit.


By the evening, Martin grilled a meatloaf and we feasted like royalty and laughed at a good movie.  It was just a perfect day full of fresh air, good food and great company.

Before Michèle left for Dallas on Sunday, we changed her oil and went to the local disc golf course with Martin.  I took the camera and got some good action shots of him and his friends.


Uncle Martin launching a disc

I also got a few photos of Michèle in a less than graceful moment trying her best on the parallel bars.  (Yes, I posted them on Facebook.  Yes, she is less than pleased that I did.  Yes, I giggled despite the trouble I know is coming my way when I go home next weekend).


I rested wonderfully Sunday evening feeling very blessed. Even though I miss you both horribly, I’m still living and experiencing life around me as it happens.  I’m sure you will want me to keep living.

So, I’m already well into this week.  I’m knee deep in developing a new self-teaching algorithm that’s giving me fits.  I woke up this morning at 3:30 and couldn’t stop working on it in my head.  I finally gave up and have been at work since 5.  I’ll do my best to last until 4.  I’m running out of steam pretty fast this afternoon.

I’m adding some other photos from the previous weekend when Martin, Jen and I went out to Pipe Creek.  I look forward to the day you can spend a nice spring weekend with me and your family.  Until then, I’ll wait.


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