2020-11-05 Another Launch to the Heavens

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

What interesting times we live in.  Between a pandemic, social unrest, national election and everything else in the world, we’re trying to launch our first official crewed flight this month.  I can only hope you two are doing ok through all this.  I frequently think (and worry) about how you guys are handling classes this year.  Are you guys attending classes?  Are they safe?  I know it’s the last year of under-grad studies for both of you and classes are likely to be more challenging than ever.  You’ve both chosen fields of study I’m familiar with and experienced in, so if you ever want to reach out for help, just let me know.

I mentioned the launch.  I’m excited to let you know I’ll actually be on site in Cape Canaveral for this one.  It’ll be my first in-person launch.  I’m quite familiar with the sound of the engines, but I never get to see them fly.  When we test them, they’re strapped in tightly and have a bunch of water dumped to help baffle the roar.  So, I’m anxious to hear the sound of 9 Merlin engines pushing the Dragon capsule into space.  But more importantly, there are 4 souls on this flight.  We are all VERY aware of this.  It really gives me a personal stake in making sure I’m doing my job to the best of my ability and not letting any stone go unturned in testing.  Michele is joining me on the trip and we fly out next Thursday.  While we are there, we plan to play tourist and visit the KSC attractions.  I’ll take plenty of pictures and include them in my next post.

The Coronavirus hit home at our house last month.  Both Michele and Melynda got it.  They are ok now and don’t seem to have any lasting effects, thank goodness.  I never did get it.  Not sure why.  It seems as the weather is getting colder more and more cases are popping up all over.  I’m praying for both of you that you’ll be safe.

I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I miss both of you very much.  I think of you two daily.  I really hope that one or both of you will reach out to me one day.  I can offer understanding and patience.  I have no ambition to “corrupt” you or do anything malicious.  I just want to get to know who you’ve grown up to be.  I want to share with you my stories and life so you might understand better what really happened.  And until you guys decide to reach out, I’ll wait for you.  I’ll think about you.  I’ll pray for you.


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