07-15-2014 Back in Oklahoma

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I’m back in Oklahoma and at work after a long time away.  The last leg of my flight was a bit awkward.  I sat next to a VERY large guy who was a football coach.  The plane was very small so we became close friends quickly. (we didn’t have much choice)  There was a baby in the row behind me, but thankfully he was well behaved and only cried once during the 2 1/2 hours we were in the air. 

I’m extremely tired today and will likely leave early from work. Changing time zones is extremely difficult.  Especially if you are crossing 7 in one day. 

I brought back a Euro for each of the guys in the lab.  They all were surprised and appreciated them.  I’ll keep the rest of the coins I got from Europe for you guys.  There’s also a large collection of rare coins I inherited from my father I plan on sharing with you one day.  Some of the coins are from the 1800’s. 

Well, I need to try and get a little work in today.  I miss you both very much.


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