07-16-2014 Good Morning

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Good morning! I’m eating my breakfast and thinking of you two. Every morning I get a frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. I’m trying to be healthy so when you find me I’ll be there for you.

It’s tough to get back into the daily routine after the time I spent in Europe. I miss the hugs and kisses from the family there.

I hope when you find me I can introduce you to some wonderful music. Your mother didn’t approve of my choice of music. There are some fantastic musicians out there that I’m sure you would enjoy listening to.  I have a collection of 30,000 songs. I’m sure you would find something in there that would mesh.

I miss you, Joseph. My firstborn son. I’ll never forget that first look you gave me when you were born.

Lucia, you were always so strong. I hope you see past the stories your mom tells you and look for me.


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