07-23-2014 A Message from Your Aunt Trish

Joseph & Lucia,

I am your aunt! Mary’s sister. We are only 18 months apart she and I yet I haven’t heard from or spoken to your mother in many years. She estranged herself from our family. She did not come to the funeral when our father died. He had over 200 people at his funeral.

Our mom, your grandmother, lives in Beaumont and I go see her often with my two kids…your cousins Caleb, 19 and Brenna, 17. Right now we are in St. Thomas on vacation and we are having a blast. Some day, I hope we will all get to see you again. I’ll post a picture later so you can see what they look like. You guys, and Caleb look like the Foreman family. My daughter Brenna favors her dad’s family

Aunt Trish,


P.S.  This is Dad.  I found a picture of all four of you on the one rare occasion you guys met your Aunt Trish and Caleb and Brenna.

DSCF0337 DSCF0345

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