02-09-2015 The Whipping

Dear Joseph,

I remembered an event that happened when we were living in Georgia. I shared it with Michèle and she suggested I write to you about it.

While I was at work, you got up to something that got you in deep trouble with your mom.  I suggested you should be punished to your room and when I got home, you would get a spanking from me.

By the time I got home, you were sitting on your bed on the verge of tears.  I asked you if you knew what you did wrong. You fessed up completely and you knew why it was wrong.  I could see in your eyes that you were genuinely sorry. But a promise is a promise. So, I took off my belt and had you lie on my lap. You were ready to take your punishment.  I lightly tapped your bottom with my belt and told you to think about this next time.

You looked up at me with eyes swollen with tears and a beaming face.

That’s one of the moments I remember what being a dad is all about.

I’ll be waiting to share more stories with you and your sister.


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