09-24-2014 Relationships

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I had plans to ride the train down to Dallas this weekend, but had to cancel. The memorial for Tina (deceased roommate) is scheduled for Sunday afternoon.  It’s important for me to be there for Jeff (her partner for 18 years).  I’m hoping Michèle can make it up to OKC so I can have her support.  At times like these, I realize how important it is to have a best friend you can lean on.  Michèle has always been that for me.  She was my best friend long before she was my wife.  As Papa Gene would “suggest”… be a best friend with the one you love.

Don’t be afraid to fall in love.  You guys will likely get hurt, but it only helps you to refine what you really want in a relationship.

I’ll always be here waiting to offer support, advice, and a shoulder.


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