09-28-2014 Long Weekend

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I had a long weekend up in Oklahoma.  I attended the memorial for my deceased roommate, Tina. Jeff asked me if I could make a CD with a few songs for the ceremony.  That ended up making me the DJ.  I played lots of Enya and finished with “Angel” by Sarah McClachan.  It was a somber and quiet time.

On Saturday, I visited the local park.  I was disappointed when I saw all the flower beds empty. I hoped they would plant fall flowers, but no.  So instead, I focused on the water and trees.  The picture above is a favorite of mine.  The tree in the foreground is beautiful.  It’s juxtaposed by the one behind it covered with ivy.  I love the contrast.

10350435_10201856047322076_2976289747288742468_nLastly, I had fun with the ponds. I played with various settings on the camera to try to get the effect I wanted.  It was early in the morning and a clear sky.  I couldn’t ask for a better scenario.  Only a few more flowers.

Enjoy the pictures.  I’ll be here waiting for you… ready to see how much you’ve grown.


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