11-21-2014 Another Friday

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Another Friday has rolled around. I had tickets booked for the train, but decided to make the drive instead.  I’m left with so little time when I take the train. I’m not looking forward to the drive, but I sure am excited to be home.

The past few days have gotten record breaking traffic here on the blog. There are even views from Russia.  Go figure. I still wait and hope that one of you guys are reading it.  Heck, even if your mother is reading it, there’s hope.

If anyone in or around Woodville, TX is reading this, let Joseph Allen Randel (15) or Mary Lucia Randel (13) know about the blog. It’s the only way I have to reach them. They attend Our Lady of the Pines at last check.

Sorry for the call-out guys.  Just trying to reach you.  I’ll do whatever it takes. And until then, I’ll wait for you.


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