11-20-2014 Part B

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I tend to get grumpy every year around this time.This year will be especially tough.  I miss my mom and dad so much. Last year their passings were still fresh.  This year I’ll be making meals from all the dishes and utensils they left for me.

777ac6323fa4718eb1200575b89bd885I started a tradition years ago that when the first Christmas lights go up, I change my online profile to the Grinch. I take on the persona… I become the Grinch.  I’ve always told myself the year I can have you with me for Christmas is the day the Grinch gets put away.

The lights are getting hung in Caldwell this week.  The Grinch is coming out. At least this year I’ll use a Minion Grinch. But I’m still going to be grumpy. I’ll wait as always… grumpy.


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