11-25-2014 Good Morning, Kids

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Good morning, kiddos. It’s been a heck of a week and it’s only Tuesday.  I’m taking tomorrow off along with the rest of the week for Thanksgiving. I helped Michèle install a new microwave last weekend, so the kitchen should be ready for cooking up some good things. Drilling into ceramic tile is a little harder than I expected. I’m thinking a leg of lamb with couscous and a fresh relish. There are so many things besides Momma Mickey’s recipes I can teach you in the kitchen.

My living arrangements in OKC are in flux right now, but I’m finding I can just take deep breaths and I know everything will work out fine.  I always have a home and family in Richardson. Everything here is temporary. A long story short is I’m having to move out of my current room.  I’ve been staying in a hotel this week.  The upside is the bed is comfortable.

After this workday is finished, I’ll get to go home.  I can’t wait.

I think of you guys every day. I’ll always be waiting for you to leave a comment.  You can always email me directly at markus.randel@live.com.


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