01-08-2015 Three people you haven’t met

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

There are three people you have never met that are very important to me. Two of which you will never meet. Momma Mickey and Papa Gene have both passed away. I carry their memories with me constantly. The third is your Uncle Martin, my brother. We haven’t always gotten along real well, but he is my brother and I love him.  It’s only fair that as the last remaining member of my birth family, you should get to know him.

Just like us, he had a first marriage with a boy and a girl.  The marriage ended, but he still has a strong influence and relationship with his children. Also, like me, he remarried to a very compassionate and kind woman that helps him keep it together.

WEDDING 078These are the people I grew up with and called my family until I met your mother and made our family. Despite all our differences, I still cherish my memories of the times we had together. My experiences with these three people are gold to me.


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