03-05-2015 A snowy morning

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

IMG_20150305_081514It snowed yesterday. It was a bit ironic. The plant closed yesterday in expectation to the bad weather. But it didn’t come in until after work hours. This morning is when the plant should have at least been delayed.  My drive in was treacherous. I just stayed slow and calm and made it in to work ok.

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a few days. I just don’t have anything new to share with you guys.

Working in Oklahoma is a strain on me. I miss being home with Michèle so much. Tomorrow night, I plan to drive back to Richardson to spend time with her. I just know you will love her as much as she already loves you.

So for now I’ll let you know I’m still waiting for you to reach out.  I’m still working. I’m still sad not having you in my life. I’m still getting through the days. (And I’m cold.)


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