03-02-2015 A Tired Monday Morning

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Last night was a late night. I took the train this weekend which wasn’t a good idea. The trip down Saturday ended up taking 8 hours. It was delayed for two hours just to start. Then there were several stops for freight trains. I didn’t get to the house until 6 PM. We had a vegan dinner and my friend Craig stopped by for a visit.

I got the TV working again with a refurbished computer. It wasn’t easy and I wanted to give up several times, but Michèle kept encouraging me.  So now the ladies at the house have Netflix and all the movies on the server available.  Job done.

The train ride back was just as miserable as the one down. There were two major delays due to freight trains. The schedule is for an arrival at 9:25 PM.  I didn’t get to the station until 12:30.  And then another 30 minutes to get to my rented room.

End result… I’m tired this morning.

I don’t mean to gripe so much. I had a wonderful time with Michèle and Craig and Rachael. I miss home already. And I miss you two. So until the next time, I’ll still be here waiting for you.


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