2019-06-01 Graduation

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

This will likely be the most edited letter I’ve ever sent to you.  I’m going through quite a few emotions after coming down to Woodville for the graduation ceremony.  After the events of two years ago at Joseph’s graduation, I was extremely skeptical Lucia would even attend her graduation.  I was only partially correct.  Lucia, you didn’t attend the graduation at Woodville, but you did attend yours at the school you moved to.  So here I sit, attempting to gather my thoughts and feelings, trying to write this letter. You can probably guess I’m having a difficult time of it.

Frustrated.  I’m extremely frustrated.  It seems no matter how hard I try to reach out with either logic or compassion, your mother is able to turn that into further evidence of why you should fear me.  Let me just let you two know how far from the truth that really is.  Lucia, I knew when you were competing in cross country running.  I knew the events you competed in.  Joseph, I knew every game you marched at.  If I were “out to get you”, I’ve had every opportunity over the past several years to do that.  But I haven’t.  Any overt action on my part would only have validated the stories your mother tells you.  Instead, I’ve resorted to the only method of contact available to me… these letters.

But it looks like even this action is being used against me by your mother.  I’ve mentioned it before, and now I would really need to express the importance of understanding Parental Alienation Syndrome.  Just do a simple Google Search.  You’ll be reading for days and days.  It’s real. This is going to have a lasting impact on your lives.

Now, I would like to directly address the friends of either Joseph or Lucia who are reading this out of curiosity.  You found this page because you either were told not to read it (cheers for your bravery!) or just wanted to try to see if their stories are really real.  Joseph and Lucia are victims of a very tragic situation where there mother has indoctrinated them for their entire lives in a web of fear.  They believe me to be a horrible monster out to get them or ruin their lives. I can only guess at what they’ve been told would happen if they ever talked to me.  In the end, their biggest fear is likely they will lose their mother.  That’s simply not the truth.  I’ve never wanted to take them away from her.  I only want to be a part of their lives as any father does.  What can you do to help?  Confront them with the truth.  Be prepared to have a fight on your hands.  Let them know they have a whole family outside of their mother that wants to know them and share in their lives.

If you have any doubts, read the rest of my letters.  I’ve been writing them for a while.  Look me up on Facebook or LinkedIn.  Ask my wife if you would like.  Here’s Michele’s Facebook page. My story is genuine.  Feel free to troll what ever you like. I keep everything public in case Joseph or Lucia ever want to find me.  Then after going through it all, ask yourself which story seems more credible: the one where no one can be trusted and everything must remain secret or hidden; or the one that is publicly shared and open to anyone to read, challenge, or refute. I welcome any discourse in the matter.

Lastly, Joseph and Lucia, I’ve always said it, and I will continue to say that I’ll wait for you.  But don’t be surprised if I pop up one day.  You guys are both adults now.  You are off to school and on your own.  It’s time to start taking responsibility for your own decisions now.  Please, take the time to become as informed as you can before casting judgement.  The truth might very well surprise you.


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