Open Letter to Fathers Alone

Are you prevented from seeing your children for one reason or another?  You aren’t alone.  After 8 years of missing my children, I’m finally coming to grips with the effect it had on me.  Any time I think of them, it only sinks deeper when I try to think of how much it has affected them. 

I’m not here to rile against their mother.  I will only say SHAME on any woman who prevents their children from their fathers for selfish wants! I’m here to reach out to my kids and write letters every day to them.  I used my real name for the URL so if they try to find me one day, it will be easy. I am fully aware of the kind of exposure I’m putting myself out there for, but it’s worth the risk.

After a recent run in with some medical issues, it was brought to my attention that I should seek out a grief discussion group.  All the groups I found were for parents who’s children have passed away young.  I couldn’t find a single group for divorced fathers who are denied visitation to their children.  So I just decided to make this a repository of letters to my children and a meeting place for anyone else in a similar situation.  The best way for me to deal with the pain and grief is to share with others.

If you can identify, please leave me a comment anywhere here or on  I’m not a victim, just a concerned father trying to figure out how to keep living and find some hope.  I know I’m not alone.

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