07-03-2014 From Charlotte

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I’m writing today’s post from the B terminal in Charlotte, NC.  I’ll be waiting here for the next 6 hours waiting for the flight to Brussels.  I just talked to Michèle.  She and the girls are at the DFW airport.  They won’t be leaving until another hour and a half.

On the flight here I listened to the soundtrack of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  It’s a fantastic movie and the music is extremely supportive and upbeat.  It brings out a desire to explore and do the things you always thought were impossible.  Much like the journey I’m on today.

Another person that has greatly affected me was my high school physics teacher, Charlotte Wiggins.  She comes to mind as I sit here in the town of her namesake.  She let me teach a freshman class by doing a demonstration with various musical instruments.  It was a great way to introduce wave theory to them. I’m still friends with her and she supports these letters.  I actually cried when I got a comment from her.  She’s been reading these.  I hope you can have teachers as engaged and passionate as she was with my class.

Well, time to watch a movie or three while waiting for the ladies.


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