09-05-2014 Dressing Up

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I included a photo of Michèle and I at Halloween a few years ago.  We had so much fun.  Michèle forgot about her allergy to latex.  For the following week, she had a black eye.  Me, I just sat in the shadows of the tree outside the house and scared the parents as trick-or-treaters came up.  The next year, I got to wear the prosthetic eye. Picture 11I got special teeth and it was so much fun.  I’m looking forward to Halloween this year.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I look I hope to do something as epic as 2010.

Last year’s Halloween wasn’t a good time. I spent the night by your Papa Gene’s bed in his last week of life.  As with all things in life, stuff happens.  I can’t let one bad moment haunt or ruin future events.  So, I plan to take the Friday off and go home early so I can spend the time to do a good make-up job. 

Another wonderful photo is when Michèle and I were invited to a wedding of a former classmate of mine.  It was themed as a 1920’s union.  It was possibly the best wedding I’ve attended.  Right in the middle of ceremony, the band started playing the theme to the Peanuts.  Everyone got up and danced just like Snoopy and Charlie Brown.  It was wonderful.

Andrea's WeddingMichèle and I took a while to find the right clothes.  It’s harder than you might think to outfit yourself in a ’20’s garb. All I know is Michèle knocked it out of the park with the lime dress and hat. I look forward to going out some time in our outfits. 

Short story long, it is fun to dress up, make up, or pretend and play a part.  Joseph, I know you are interested in Drama.  Go for it.  Acting on stage or in life has been a great source of enjoyment in my life. Some of my best memories come from participating behind the scenes at the Dulles Drama Club. 

And just to keep it real, I have Spiderman on my work computer… literally.  Never feel you have to be a grown up.

IMG_20140905_084555And as always, I’m here waiting.  I will wait a lifetime for you guys.


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