09-04-2014 Heritage

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I thought you might like to know where your name came from. Starting from me…

  • Mark Allen Randel, born 1967
  • Gene Arnold Randel, 1933-2013
  • Elmer Hirum Randel, 1907-1954
  • Elmer Elroy Randel, 1879-1949
  • George W Randel, 1832-1920
  • Garrett Randel, 1806-1881
  • James Randel, 1780-1867

That’s as far back as I can currently find.  James Randel moved the family from New York to Kansas where the family lived up until my father when they moved to Arkansas. So now you know your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfathers name.

Another interesting fact comes from your great grandmother’s lineage.  Her maiden name was White.  If you follow the family line up far enough, you will find William White.  He was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact.  So our family line actually started with the original pilgrims from the Mayflower.  Pretty cool!

Hope to see you soon. Until then, I’ll be here waiting.


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