09-08-2014 A very sad weekend

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

This was a very sad weekend for me. A close friend lost his father to a stroke on Saturday. He was a good man that loved his family dearly.  Then on Sunday, a lady that lives in my house in OKC passed away.  It was very tragic and sad.  I want to plant a rose bush in the front flower garden to remember her by.

I don’t have much else to say today.  Just remember our time here on earth isn’t forever.  Live each day right.  Give to others.  React as positively as possible to help others feel better. I miss you both and as always, I’m waiting for you.


P.S. The attached picture is the Big Canyon in the Arbuckle Mountains.  It’s a beautiful view.  I need beauty in my life right now.
2014-09-06 09.57.49

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