09-09-2014 It’s a good day

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

It’s a good morning after all the mess over last weekend.  I met with my doctor this morning.  She’s been monitoring my progression as I went through a recent bought of depression.  The medications I’m on now seem to be working.  My addictive tendencies are much lower.  And best of all, she adjusted my back so I should be able to sleep well tonight. I’m still feeling the release and enjoying deep breaths.

You both might likely be prone to either depression or addictive behaviors.  Don’t ever think you are a bad person or not as good as others.  It is a chemical imbalance. It took me several tries to find a decent medication that didn’t affect me adversely.  The biggest bridge I crossed was realizing I wasn’t crazy or mentally unstable.  I just wanted to feel at peace.  That desire has helped me maintain a constant path towards sanity.

And lastly, I enjoyed a most wonderful brunch. I stopped by Durango on the way to work after my doctor appointment.  Eggs, beans, potatoes, salsa, and tortillas.  All with a nice helping of garlic and other herbs.  I did a little chair dance as I ate.  Delicioso! 

And never forget, I’m always here waiting.  I can’t wait for the email, comment, or call. Don’t be afraid if your mother gets upset.  Your father and step-mother are here. We believe in you two.


P.S.  The attached photo was when Michèle had to fix a clogged kitchen drain. I wasn’t there, so a good friend helped her out and took her picture out back when all was fixed.  She is such an inspiration to me. 


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