My Humble Opinion

As a deviation from my normal letters to the kiddos, today I want to express my opinion on the matter of fatherhood.  It’s very straight forward.  Fathers are not bumbling fools.

With sitcoms and commercials since the ’70s, fathers are continually portrayed as the instigator of misunderstandings and troubles within the house.  They are typically characters of shallow emotions without any empathy. This is offensive and derisive.  An uproar would come from the female populace if it was equally portrayed there.

As a father, I keep several priorities in mind. Without consideration, the well-being of my children is always foremost.  Notice I didn’t say “acceptance”.  I will bend the laws of physics for my real and step children, but I will also be the first to correct them if need be.  It’s a careful balance of love, respect, and leadership. Secondary, I maintain an open line of communication with my wife. That is crucial.  Almost all sitcom episodes revolve around a character attempting to hide a misstep or problem resulting in a comical sequence of errors.  That is just not how it is.  And lastly, there is my own well-being. This is where I am most lacking.  I stay up with my physician appointments and make a stabbing attempt at staying healthy.

In conclusion, once I met my son on the day of his birth, I’ve never stopped being a father.  Regardless of whether it’s my own children or just a random child in a store, I will always see a child as someone to protect, guide, and encourage. Any man worth his salt shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Now I’ll get off my soapbox.

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