10-02-2014 Keep Memories

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

While I was picking up a sandwich today for lunch, one of the guys asked me to do my Elmo voice. As soon as I did a good Elmo laugh, everyone stopped and smiled.  A girl that works there asked me to come by every day and repeat the laugh.  It was a moment that creates a memory.

It made me stop and think.  What is a memory? It is an important moment in life that stands out from the normal day to day life.

My imitation of Elmo is a memory for the staff and customers at Jersey Mike’s. That brought me to remember all the voices I would try during bath time.  I tried the angry pirate, the southern sloth, the Boston Southie, the Irish farmer, and of course Elmo. Inevitably, you would ask me just to be Dad. That is the memory that sticks with me.

The events we remember are milestones during our lives that outline the every day life.  They are like book ends to a shelf of novels that aren’t important.  I say this… I treasure the in-between moments.  That is where life is most precious. So I make the effort to make all moments special and memorable.  I can remember the last time I put you two to bed. I remember the fear of calling my parents after so long alienated. I remember the rocket that went so high it was lost. I remember your smiles, tears, complaints and laughter.

Take in life. Eventually, it becomes your story and who you are.  I want you to know that I will always be your dad. I’ll always wait for you.


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