11-08-2014 An Important Date

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Yesterday was a busy day and I didn’t have time to write.  It’s a shame since it was the 200th birthday of Adolphe Sax.  His influence on my life was pretty big.  I was 15 when I first picked up an Alto Sax.  I spent my summer break learning how to play it.  When I auditioned for the band that fall, I made it to the top band.  The next year I marched with a baritone sax at Caldwell.  I eventually switched to tuba. Overall, I got to play all the modern variations of saxophones during my band career. I miss them.

Ironically, while I was in Brussels this summer, I visited the Musical Instrument Museum. They had a display of Sax’s inventions.  Joseph, I know you were in band. You might enjoy all the different instruments.

And as always, I’ll be here waiting.


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